Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stay Wild

We both came
from different angles of hurt,
with different shades of burn.
I'd never held true love,
hot and panicked fire;
you'd felt it heated in your turn.

Turning first fires' ashes

with sticks to get an ember
and holding things
you wanted lost, and yet
you still remembered.

We both came 

from different angles of hurt.
But what if I said,
'I promise never
to give you unfelt words:

if I were ever insincere

I'd blunt my blade and off my ear....'

And if you said,

'Don't be na├»ve
- it's bound
to lead to somewhere
dark: wilderness, trees-'

I'd stop you there

and simply say,
'We'll start out wild,
and there we'll stay.'

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