Wednesday, 16 May 2012


If I die before I'm due
and this is my final hour,
then let me say this to you,
and let your heart ring with a power:

if I die before I'm due,
just remember this:
I'll take with me the years,
the love, the shade,
the kiss,

the willow, the trust,
the tender fleshy aching thrust
of your heart,
and all the plays
of your part.

If I die before I'm due,
let me leave you this:
take your positive energy
and run with it. Take
all your passions
and strike up art.
Take your life to pastures light
and kill with life the dark.

And of all our creations
the greatest was this:
not a homestead, not a dynasty,
nor even a kiss;
the greatest thing we made
was a little, loving boy.

We took our flesh, 
my love, 
my light, and 
transformed it 
into joy 

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