Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mr Black and Mr White (and Mr Grey)

Mr Black is as black as the night,
Mr White's as white as flour;
and Mr Grey? Well, he's just grey,
though he's not at all dour.

Now Mr Black thinks this,
and Mr White thinks that,
but Mr Grey sees neither
because he sees between the stacks.

To Mr Black all's bleakly black;
to Mr White all's deathly blank,
and each of them will swear down that
Mr Grey has broken rank:

'How can you not see?' they say.
'And what, oh what must you think?
To see the world in tones so grey -
it might as well be pink!'

'No, not pink,' he says,
'though rosy it often appears.
It's fine when you don't pledge
yourself, but hedge - and never fear.

One day Mr Black
struck Mr White so blunt
that Mr White attacked
with knife in hand: 'you dirty, silly c**t!'

And Mr Black returned
with a blow to Mr White's skull.
Now each cannot unlearn
what brought each one to null.

So Mr Grey stands there,
his shoulders raised in confusion.
He leaves the scene in fear
into the panicked night,
the chief suspect in this murderous collusion
between Mr Black and Mr White.

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