Sunday, 4 September 2011


Come celebrate with my family,
and I'll celebrate with yours.
We'll tell of how we crawled
to light
from rabid shores;
seething seas of teeth,
to deserts and oases.

Come dance the eternal dance,
come laugh with your aunts.
Love is easy here -
love is everywhere.
We are one and the same:
we play the fighting game,
we love hard through the pain.

We cling like creepers
to the house,
the house of humanity -
how we defy gravity,
and then land with a bump.
We're knocked about
by love.

Come celebrate with my family -
you're a sister I never met,
a brother I never knew,
caught in a different net,
a lover love chewed;
a blanket or a cover,
the desperate warmth of the moon.

Peel your lips,
lift your hands,
give palmer's kiss,
sophist's bliss,
and we'll celebrate.

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