Monday, 11 October 2010


The state
puts hammers
to our temples;

its boys
in bungle
reign with fists
and ignorance:

you cannot protest:
they will break it up
and paint you in red.

They will incite
and disturb
like an advancing wave
of horror.

They will close you down
and shut you down
and stomp on your mind.

They will fill you up
on helium
like a fucking balloon
and you'll go
flying off.

They put knives in our hands,
drunks on the streets,
hunger in our bellies,
homeless people in our sights,
fear in our minds,
anger in our midst,
ignorance in our hearts....

They want your money;
they want your time;
but they don't want you.
They will give the order:
you will walk

(though you'll
walk again -
without minds,
legs are useless).

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