Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Voices (haiku).

Washed out in a sea
of echoes, we fire off
in loud unison.


  1. Robert,
    I see you've not been getting comments. Perhaps you'd do better if in your 'ABOUT ME' you could modify, or delete altogether, that fuck you attitude. I agree, you're not a man yet. What, too you, is a man? As far as this haiku goes, think, what do you mean to say and eliminate four syllables. Telling me to fuck myself has no power. Grow slowly into poetry, and into a more peaceful you. Haiku and bad-ass have never worked...old pajamas

  2. Lol. That's a very brilliant breakdown. I'm a caring individual. I guess that's my adolescent guard kicking in. I don't think I'll ever be a man; even when I consider myself to be, I could always be a better man. Where does one's manliness begin and end?