Sunday, 2 August 2009


You gotta stun 'em in
Your headlights
Whilst darkness prevails.
Put on a good show.

They'll not see the bait
In their sights
'Til it's passed through their entrails;
Only then will they know.

Make it big.
Make it loud.
Drown out small thoughts
In a glistening shroud.

Make their eyes bite down
Like vipers' jaws
On the images
Scarred on their retinas.

Make their approval -
Their applause;
Their approbation -
A wine souring to opprobrium.

When they look back at
The spectacle of
Glorious theatre,
They'll see they've given you centre stage.

Their happy glances
Will turn murderous;
They'll slaughter you slaveringly
With their once-smiling knives.

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